Hi there! Tina  has just given Amber Beauty a 5 out of 5 rating and left this comment: Wow. I have just left Amber Beauty Salon and bumped into a friend who I haven't seen for many months.She remarked on how good and rested I looked. Well she was right. I have had a skin tightening facial which felt like a snake sucking and plucking my skin and which was intermingled with electrical pulses. It was weird and wonderful and so relaxing I fell asleep. It also had an immediate effect. Its called the Caci and LPG Glow Facial and is The Best. My area of concern is in my lower face where I have started to see the emergence of jowls. I am very critical and can honestly say that looking at my face now following the Caci and LPG Glow Facial, they are barely noticeable. This is the first time I have had this treatment and it is going to be my regular from now on. My skin is glowing and refreshed. I look and feel fabulous and a whole lot younger. I highly recommend,

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Razina  has just given Amber Beauty Salon a 5 out of 5 rating and left this comment:
Received great therapy with new product. I felt great and made such a difference in my face it glowed

LPG Event

Yesterday 9 May 2018 I held an Open Evening to show case my new CELLU M6 Alliance =LPG Endermologie machine to all my clients but mostly to the members of Seymour Leisure Center that tend not to make that journey down the stairs to Amber Beauty Salon. It was a great event and I would like to thank Sylwia Buczko and Maria Cardoso for not only been models for the evening but in helping to set up and pack away at the end of the night. I would also like to thank Natalie Ogretici my LPG Endermologie rep.

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Extra dietary protein such as protein powders, drinks and bars are now in the mainstream and offering us the choice to consume protein more efficiently and conveniently. Until recently, protein powders were associated with bodybuilding and ‘big muscles’ and for the rest of us, especially for women, who exercise regularly the fear of ‘bulking up’ stopped us reaching for a protein shake. But the perception is changing and it’s now widely known that protein is essential to repair muscle tissue after exercise and improve recovery. There is a wide variety of products available now offering protein for muscle recovery, weight loss and general wellbeing. Protein is for everyone, so here are 5 facts you didn’t know about protein. 1.Protein alone doesn’t build muscle Good quality protein powders will provide the Essential Amino Acids (EAAs) required by the body to build new tissue and help with cellular repair. It’s not only high-impact sports that damage connective tissue, your 2K Sunday park run…
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Shefali has just given  a 5 out of 5 rating and left this comment:
Had the most wonderful facial with Patsy at Amber Beauty salon today! She outdid herself with the help of two machines today. Net result clear, detoxed and toned skin with a lift !!! Do I need anything more?! Not at all.

Hello to anyone who maybe reading this blog.
I would like to introduce myself to you after all these years of having this page I don’t think I have ever done that.
My name is Patsy and I am the owner of Amber Beauty Salon I am based in the Seymour Leisure Center and I have been here for 18 years.
This post today is about a new piece of equipment that I have gone out on a limb to purchase for the salon; it is a LPG M6 Alliance machine which treats the Face and Body.
I had this treatment 2 weeks ago mainly on my thighs and stomach and after 20 minutes I put my jeans on and was very impressed with the result so if you are looking for a better looking body and you diet and exercise then this treatment is for you.
For more information please check out my website
Thank you